Saskia Roelofsen

“Why do I prefer to work with the Jane® ?! Because Jane® provides a clear and precise insight into the heart of someone’s identity”.

In my work as a coach I am interested in the unique identity and capacities of people. The talent evaluation of Jane® therefore fits well with my service. The unique combination of talents, blind spot and development potential of my coachees is made clear in a recognizable way. This helps them, together with me, to discover their unique destination.

It is really special to see and experience this process with people. First the surprise, then the recognition and then the direction. Both in private and at work people become familiar with themselves again!

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Ja graag,
Hi, er is een bericht voor je...
In Maart & April 2020 starten we met de nieuwe Jane® Talenten Methodiek Certificering Basistraining! Voor meer informatie, kijk bij "Professionals".