"You are much more effective when knowing your talents!"

What we believe in

Jane® believes that a person has a unique value and this should be discovered and known. Not only by the person, but also by others. Because people matter, individually and together, and this should be deployed. We identify this unique value with the help of the talent evaluation.

Through interaction with others we develop as human beings, and therefore Jane® supports the personal guidance and reflection of a professional when discussing talents. The coach, trainer or supervisor is certified to work with our talent evaluation, and offers this in the market through his / her own business.

Jane® want to help as many people as possible with our unique insight into themselves. We work together with reliable professionals and organizations that deploy the talent evaluation in their own practice. We thus expand our reach with a network of partners internationally and specialized in various fields.

Mariella van der Schaaf

Proud Owner

I believe that people are made unique and have a purpose here on earth. My personal belief in a living God who designed our personality underlines this belief.

It continues to amaze me how few people are able to name their natural talents, let alone realize what value they have for others and their environment. Organizations, teams and departments also often leave potential unused and miss out on (financial) results.

I am not settling for that! Together with our partners I am committed to providing people a unique insight, so that they can be effective, successful and enjoy themselves more!


Dirk van der Schaaf

founding father

Dirk van der Schaaf (1950-2017) was fascinated by the idea of mapping the personality of people as precisely as possible. Why?! He was passionate about uncovering the uniqueness of people. He believed in a personal plan of God with each of us.

In his work as (among others) assessment psychologist (NIP) he lacked an effective tool to support the successful match between people, position and organization. He developed his own psychological evaluation methodology. He called it Jane, after his wife who had taught him that “it’s not about what you do, but about who you are.”

Ja graag,
Hi, er is een bericht voor je...
In Maart & April 2020 starten we met de nieuwe Jane® Talenten Methodiek Certificering Basistraining! Voor meer informatie, kijk bij "Professionals".