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The talent evaluation is used in different ways depending on the needs of your customers/clients. The instrument combines well with other models in the field of coaching, growth and development. The added value is created through correctly applying the instrument in your own style and fitting with your services.

Jane® is deployed within both the corporate segment and the SME segment in various sectors, from private coaching, career guidance and recruitment & selection to assessment, outplacement, (management) team development and strategy determination.

Our product portfolio is always evolving and available in both Dutch and English. Click below to view a number of our reports.


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Using the Talent Evaluation in your own practice

Training / certification

During the basic training you learn how to administer the online test and discuss the results in various applications. The psychological basis for the 27 talents that Jane® identifies is explained in addition to  extensive room for practicing and mastering the material. After completing this training you will receive a Jane® certificate.

You get a personal account in the online web application from Jane® in which you create your own candidates / customers. You have direct access to the entire product portfolio and the option to add your own logo for the sake of recognizing you as a professional.

Jane® organizes intervision and refresher courses at least twice a year for the preservation and exchange of qualitative knowledge.

Jane® works actively and thinks actively about your marketing and help you do what you do best

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Professionals about Jane®

Richard Calandt

As a coach, Jane® maps out the deeper meaning of talent. It is the best starting point for an intensive coaching process. Everyone has potential

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Saskia Roelofsen

“Why do I prefer to work with the Jane® ?! Because Jane® provides a clear and precise insight into the heart of someone’s identity”. In

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“Jane talentenevaluatie sluit goed aan bij bestaande coaching’s middelen”

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In Maart & April 2020 starten we met de nieuwe Jane® Talenten Methodiek Certificering Basistraining! Voor meer informatie, kijk bij "Professionals".