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Personality leads to result

A unique insigt into yourself

The talent evaluation consists of an online test, a report and a personal interview with a professional coach / trainer. It offers a unique insight into who you are, what you can do and what you want, based on your unique combination of talents.

Talents explain your natural potential and personal passion. it is not about acquired competences or skills, but about the basis of your personality. Insight into your talents helps you to understand yourself better and to develop yourself better, and thereby also to communicate yourself better to others.

The unique combination of your talents delivers an immediate result and added value to your environment, when you use them in the right way and in the right environment. In addition, you should focus on your weakest link instead of working on a list of “development points” that don’t suit you anyway. Bet on yourself!

talents diagraM

Everyone has a unique score and combination of 27 talents

Your passion and the basis for your competencies and skills

Your purpose

The translation into HOW and WHERE you are at your best

Your dream(job)

Blind Spot

The thing that might keep you from realizing your ambitions

Potential growth inhibitor of personal development and growth

“Just your unique personality”

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